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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo: Dryness Reversal Treatment

Product Review

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo: Dryness Reversal Treatment includes the 3 nutritive fruit oils plus apricot seeds that massage and stimulate hair from the root for the ultimate nourishing experience. In just 3 minutes, it helps reverse the signs of dryness for sikly hair that's full of life.

Dry, over-dried or damaged hair feels unhealthy to the touch. It needs nourishment without being weighed down. To transform dry and damaged hair, fruit oils have the power to make hair more beautiful than ever. Olive, avocado and shea oils deeply nourish each layer of hair - weightlessly. Olive oil nourishes the hair's inner core. Avocado oil nourishes and softens the middle layer. Shea oil nourishes and smoothes the surface of the hair. Hair is fortified and infused with nutrients for silky hair, full of life.

After shampooing, apply deep conditioner to wet hair from root to tip. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

I will admit I haven't tried many products from this brand. The reason is because I find the regular smell to be a bit overwhelming.

I decided to pick this conditioner up because I had heard how great Garnier Fructis products are and this conditioner doesn't smell like the others. I can say I am very happy that I did!! This is probably the best conditioner I have ever tried.

The weather here is getting pretty chilly & when that happens my hair becomes a dry fly away mess. I really think that this product is going to prevent this! I tried this conditioner on a chilly morning & not only did my hair feel incredibly soft & moisturized, people asked if I cut my hair because it looks so shiny & healthy looking! Yay!!

This is a very thick conditioner, but I haven't felt like my hair became greasy quickly. The only thing I did notice was that my usually wavy hair is actually REALLY straight after using this. It did NOT weigh my hair down though. Really hair & I have a recent love/hate thing going on over the texture. Until 2 years ago my hair has been incredibly straight & suddenly it decided it wanted to do this wavy thing that I had no idea how to tame until a few weeks ago. Now it's back to straight..?? Oh come on!! LOL I will also say that this product makes your hair so soft that it will make it very difficult for your hair to hold a curl after. My hair can usually hold a curl for DAYS without any hairspray, after using this conditioner my hair didn't even hold the curl for 2 hours. I'm telling you this in case you don't want your hair to be this soft (ie you want to put curls in your hair).

-Afforable. I bought this for $3 at Walmart.
-Smells great.
-Works in just 3 minutes!
-Makes your hair really soft & manageable.

-This conditioner may be too heavy for someone with fine hair.


This is my new go to product when my hair is looking limp & dull. Love it!!

4.5 out of 5.


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