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How to Apply False Lashes Quickly & Easily

Hi Ladies!! If you follow me on Twitter then you know that on Saturday I accomplished a major feat in a makeup lovers life - I finally applied false lashes!!!!!!!!!! All by MYSELF!! Yay!! The usual technique for applying lashes is almost impossible for me to do so I had to go and find another way. A few weeks back I let you ladies know about this video from Vintage or Tacky & on Saturday I finally decided to try the technique she used. Success!!

Tools Needed: mirror, false lashes, eyelash glue, eyeliner brush, & tweezers.

Vintage or Tacky's Video:

My Video:

The Results:

Yay!!! I couldn't be happier!! Now if only I could apply them as quickly as L does I would be ecstatic!!


*bats false lashes*


  1. Ahhh, it has been my biggest fault, I can't put them on!!! It takes me so dag on long and I lose my patience, grrrr.

    I'll watch the video at home (at work youtube and all videos are blocked =/)

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. "meow!" bat those fake lashes mama!

  3. IDK if anyone can apply them as fast as L! LOL! You blink and she's done!

    I know I commented on YouTube already, but I'm gonna try this out soon. Thinkin that I'm gonna have to buy a new eyeliner brush for it though!

  4. Hi Tammy,

    Question: How do you clean the brush after you use it to apply the lash glue? Stupid question I know!


  5. @C I don't wash the brush immediately because the glue is still very gooey & that makes it difficult to get off. I wait till the glue has hardened a bit on the brush & then I just peel the glue off.


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