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Cibu Quickie Product Reviews

I figured since many of you aren't that familiar with Cibu that I would give you some quick reviews on some of the products that I picked up recently. Note: many of the products below have a dark flower fragrance, I personally LOVE this scent. I think it's a really neutral & fresh scent.

Pho Finish

What can I say about this product..?? Uhm..that I LOVE it!! I use this stuff daily!! It is a fantastic finishing spray. This never leaves my hair looking crunchy or stiff, but it keeps my hair in place all day.

Dark Flower Fragrance.


I really didn't think I would have a lot of use for this product. I figured it would be good for separating the layers in my hair & giving it a piecey edgy look, while it is GREAT for that I've actually been using this a LOT!! I've found that this is really great for getting rid of frizz & fly aways & trust me I have a ton of those!! The ground mica in this makes my hair really shiny too!! Note: A little goes a LONG way!!

Dark Flower Fragrance.

Root Booster

Are you tired of teasing your hair all of the time..?? Well this can be an excellent replacement to your hair spray and comb. I've found that for my hair this works best on wet hair. I spray this on and massage it into my roots, I then make a really loose but HIGH ponytail on my head & wait for my hair to dry. When my hair is dry this leaves my hair with incredible volume & bounce. This makes my hair look like I just used hot rollers or got a really GREAT blow out. Loves it!!

Miso Knotty
I saved the best for last!!! I used this every day!! EVERY day!! This gets rid of tangles & knots in a snap!! No pulling for hours, just a couple quick passes through & your hair is knot free! Yay!! I also really like to use to reactivate my waves when they're looking a little messy.

Dark Flower Fragrance.

All of the products I mentioned above can be purchased at


  1. Lol!! I was PHO as in PHO (noodle soup?) LOL!! Great names! ANd you make them ALL sound soo good!!

  2. those products sound great - and i love the product names! the root booster sounds really promising...i just can't get my hair into a ponytail, lol

  3. I loooove Cibu!! I use Pho Finish almost everyday. :) I need to get me some Origumi though. Thanks for the reviews!


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