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Tag: 11 Things That Make Me Happy

Note: Thank you to all of my new followers!!! I don't know where all of you suddenly came from, but thank you!!! Comment me sometime, & I'll be sure to do the same. =)

The hottie that calls herself Nu tagged me to do the 11 Things That Make Me Happy.

I decided not to go mushyfest at all on have been warned. ;)

1. Cape Cod - It's like instant relaxation for me when I get there.

2. Reading - I could lock myself in my place for a week with nothing, but food & books. I would be a VERY happy person.

3. That right out of the shower clean know what I mean. Your hair is still dripping & your skin feels nice & clean..

4. seriously...SLEEPING!!!! I pick sleeping over most of life's important things.... You wouldn't know it by how little I sleep during the week, but I am NO JOKE when it comes to sleeping in on the weekends.

5. Spending countless hours wandering the aisles of CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target...any of those discount stores....I live for them..haha!!

6. My phone. Texting & emails always make me smile!! That's my's's PURTY!! haha!

7. My ipod. Music helps me focus & it always puts me in a good mood.

8. Makeup! Buying it!! Playing with it! Taking pictures of it! Love it!!

9. YouTube - I mean what can't you find there..??

10. New journals!! I love them!! For me a new journal represents a new a chapter in my life.

11. The people in my life...that includes YOU!! Yes YOU!!! I love you Blogger babes!! -opps!! I decided to get mushy on one...haha!!

I am tagging:

1. Vanessa

2. Wuzzy

3. Linea

4. Mel

5. Diana


  1. yayyyy! :) We should go to cape cod together!!!!

  2. Tammy we are so meant to be! My Grandma lives in the Cape and I've spent at least one week there every summer since I've been born. I'm going next week!

  3. hehe.. everything sounds so nice! friends being happy makes me happy too.. hehe.

  4. i am SO with you on #4 right now...i totally need more sleep, and half my weekend disappears because i sleep in =P

  5. awe i love your 11 things...kinda similar to mine hmmmm hehe thanks fo rthe tag! ill post mine manana!

  6. Okay I promise that I'll do this one!! May not be right away, but I'll do it! LOL!

    Yay for reading, showering, SLEEPING, music, and BLOGGA BABES!!! WHOOOO!!!


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