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Nu MADE Me Break My No-Buy

Yup..I swear it was ALL her fault....haha!!!! j/k =)

This Saturday Nu & I had a lunch date where we consumed great sandwiches and shared a banana, strawberry, & nutella crepe..that's right..drool!!!!!!! We were such bad bloggers because we did not take ANY pictures of the food or together!! Shame on us!! The convo was just that good. hehe!!

After lunch I happened to mention that The Studio (Bobbi Brown makeup store) was just a few minutes away. So of course Nu wanted to go (see I told you this was HER fault), we get there and immediately started swatching everything!! We looked like little kids who got caught in the cookie jar "I didn't do nuffin!"..haha!! We were both really interested in buying a corrector, so we asked the Brielle (MUA) to help us out. I have to say that I am still shocked, she didn't not flinch when she was us. Come on...a Spanish & an Asian girl..?? She handled us like a pro & color matched us correctly the first time. And dare I say she has the most beautiful skin I have EVER seen in person!! DAYUM!!

Here are some pictures I did manage to sneak in while at The Studio

Here's what I bought (again not my fault..haha!)

Illuminating Bronzing Powder & Corrector in Peach
She also gave us a sample of their face oil.

I love, love, love this corrector!!!! I've been wearing it alone. I don't know if you're 'allowed' to do that, but I have..haha!!

Look what Nu gave me!! My first Dazzleglass!! Yay!! It's called Goldierocks & I love it!! So far I've worn it alone & over lipgloss & I love it both ways!!!

Thank you Nu!! I had such a great time!! <3


Since I haven't shown you guys any kitty porn in a while, here's Dom getting a 'tan' while

I hope you're having a great day!! =)


  1. Tammy!!! You bought shtuff!!!! I havent bought for 3 weeks now NOT EVEN AT DUTY FREE!!! BUT...Yumeko will be in London soon and I have a feeling I shall fall for something a la make up!

  2. You forgot the part where we fed each other and kissed passionately. lmaooo. hahahaha jk! I've been wearing the corrector alone too! Haha how funny! I think the mua matched us so well we don't need a second concealer! :) yay!

  3. aww, haha breaking a no buy is ok - looks like you found some great products to make it worthwhile!

  4. LOL!! NU MADE YOU!! Ha!! But I'm glad you guys had a great time. And you did break it for some sweet stuff!

    Awww DOM PORN! :)

  5. yay! dazzleglass! hhhmmm, ive never tired bobbi brown... but those looks so pretty!

  6. Hahah! can I meet Nu-Nu some day so I can say she made it me buy up everything too?LOL-XO

  7. i love that makeupart :) and those are some super cool bobbi brown! and omg omg i love that dg!! its my fave!

  8. Blame it on Nu, Nu, Nu, NUUUUUUU!!!!!
    Ok I was trying make it sound like blame it on the alcohol but it didn't happen.
    I have to come see you in NJ, ASAP! I'm leaving around Oct.15th


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