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Mail Love & a Quickie Review

Happy Monday!!! Am I the only one who can't believe it's August already..?? I have no clue where this year/summer has gone!! Ahh!!!
Ok off to the good stuff..

At the EC Pow Wow Patty picked me as the person to give goodies to. Here's what she & Helen sent me. Pocky!!!!! The one in the yellow box is INCREDIBLY yummy..I mean YUMMY!!! Needless to say both boxes are The blue bottle in the corner is a makeup remover from Missha - I used to LOVE this makeup remover, but I haven't been able to find it in such a LONG time.

Goodies galores!!! They sent me a bunch of products from Mario Badescu to try & even a Kiehl's sample..

In their note Helen said she wouldn't be Bliss & Sparkles if she didn't send me any bling...look at how gorgeous these earrings are!!

Thank you Patty & Helen!! It's like you read my mind with these =)


Then the sneaky Trinh decided to send me some mail love too!!

Here's what she sent me..

-A smashbox eyeshadow palette. I've never tried smashbox before & I'm loving this palette.

-Laneige strawberry scrub.

-Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup

Thank you Trinh!! I love everything!!!


Can anyone guess what product I'm going to review..?? Anyone..??
Why yes it's The Present Clear Makeup!!

According to the Sephora website:

The Present Clear Makeup $25

The Present is a "clear makeup" for perfect, airbrushed skin. Formulated to be used as a last step prior to any makeup to form an invisible barrier that "seals in" moisture for chronically dry skin and active ingredients from treatment products while keeping out harmful environmental elements by acting like an invisible band-aid. It also contains lysozyme, a natural antimicrobial agent to keep skin radiantly "clear."

At first I read this description and was like for 'dry skin'?? Oh I'm in trouble..this isn't going to work on me..uhm wrong!!! I tried this on an extremely hot & humid day to really test it & my makeup was flawless from 8am-5pm!! I figured this must have been a fluke & tried it again the next day, and the next day, & the next day..same results!! I am sold!!!


-MAJOR oil control.
-Evens out your skin texture without giving you a matte look.
-Does NOT make me break out, in fact my skin has been looking BETTER since using this.
-My makeup stays put for at least 8 hours!!


-You have to wait 2 minutes before applying your makeup after applying this.
-This is scented, it smells faintly of lavender. I personally like the smell, but I know this could be a problem for others.


I love this stuff!! I've abandoned my other primers for this!! I've even been using this on my no makeup days to control oiliness. I love this!!

5 out of 5.


  1. aww. how cute. love everything! =)

  2. ooo the present clear makeup sounds promising. I'll have to put it on my to try list =)

  3. YAY! =] i <3 the missha makeup remover too hahaha but its really difficult to get .. there's a wait list everytime! But, I'm glad you like everything .. sorrry it took so damn long =]

  4. Darn you!! And Trinh too I guess!! LOL! Now you know I;m soo gonna check out that in Sephora! I'm such a product biter when it comes to you! LOL! It's our oily skin action! HA!

    MMM... those mushroom choco things were one of my fave as a kid! They come it all sorts of other shapes too, like pinecones, hamburgers, and another one I can't remember! LOL!

  5. wow i need to have tat
    my tzone is like..oil spill!!!! <3

  6. what cute blingy earrings! it's a primer? or at least acts like one? I liked their Never Let Them See You Shine primer, but it doesn't work so well for me in the summer, but that one sounds really promising!

  7. i love those earrings! so pretty =]


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