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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Not A Rich Girl - Fashion Edition

I thought I would change things up a bit with this post & show you a little of my clothing style.

The other day I picked up a few pieces of clothing at the mall and I decided to see how well the new pieces worked with the old pieces. Be advised MOST of my clothing is really affordable, I rarely spend big $ on clothing.

NOTE: Please ignore the bitchy look on my camera was acting up big time & I had to retake a lot of these photos so you could get a good look at the clothing. Oh and ignore the mess in the room. LOL

1st Outfit
Top from Express (new) $10
Skirt from F21 (old) $15.80
Shoes from Payless (old) $19.99

This is how I would wear this to work..kinda has the sexy librarian thing going on.

To wear this out I would just pull the skirt up several inches to hootchify it.

2nd Outfit
Top from Express (new) $15
Shorts Gap (old) $15
Belt Kohls (old) $10
Shoes Payless (old) $19.99

I look so bitchy & tired in this
btw this is my hubby's side of the room..can you tell?? haha!!

Outfit# 3
Top from F21 (new) $4.50
Skirt from F21 (new) $15.50
Scarf from H&M (old) $4.50
Shoes from Payless (old) $19.99

I would wear this to go out with the hubby.

Once again pulled the skirt up a few inches to hootchify it.
Top from F21 (new) $4.50
Belt from Kohl's (old) $9

Add a thin sweater & now I can wear this to work.
Sweater from Kohl's (old) $24.50

With a belt
Belt from Kohl's (old) $9
The best fashion advice I've ever received is to show off your favorite feature. I don't have boobs, so my legs are always on

Hope you enjoyed the change up!!


  1. you are sexy with the long black skirt! i totaly love that 50's style! the high waist! i love it! your style is so cute! ALL your cloths look comfy :]

  2. woman! your legs are mighty fine!

  3. Thanks for your fashion advice. I like the 2nd picture of you with the skirt lifted high. I think I want to dress like that as a teacher ... but shhhhhh!

  4. *wolf whistles*!!

    My fave is the sexy librarian! You can tell me shush anyday! LOL! ;)

    But I love it when you can mix old & new together! Ahhh... Great picks on outfits! :)

  5. lol, i love how you say pull the skirt up to hootchie-fy it. even when you do that, it still doesn't look hootchie girl! cute and wearable outfits though. I have super short legs so I guess I'll work the boobs part. breastfeeding doubles their size, I tell ya! lol.

  6. u are soo gorgeous
    i love ur style

    very lowkey, comfy, yet fashionable and striking

  7. You have some sexy legs chica!!!
    Love when you "hoochify" it...LOL

  8. you have the cutest looks!! i loveyour style! and you gave me greatideas!

  9. wow tammerz! I love your legs! they are soo long and in shape!!! what leg exercises do you do?? :)

  10. Look at how cute you are! Nice stems. Love the high wasted paperbag skirt

  11. You looks absolutely gorgeous.!! I like your style.. well, I like your #1 outfit most.

  12. I love the fashion and your legs you biatch! LoL..Sexy librarian!


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