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NY Makeup Show Part 2

More pictures of the things I hauled!!

Palette from These eyeshadows are only $2.85 each and they are extremely pigmented!! They also fit into MAC palettes. ;)

Kissable Couture Set
Retail $32, I paid $17.

Balms Away - eye makeup remover
Retail $20, I paid $12.

I am so jealous of you girls that are going to the CA show!!! that I know what to look out for I want to go to another show.

Tip 1. Get there early!!!! The good things sell out quickly!!
Tip 2. Wait in line for MUFE products!!! The discounts are insane for this line.
Tip 3. Be a little pushy when it come to the Crown Brush section, its the ONLY way you will get a chance to look at the brushes you want.
Tip 4. Follow The Makeup Show on Twitter, they tweet during the show to let you know where all the good things are happening.
Tip 5. Ask the vendors for their business cards and if discounts can be applied to future purchases after the show.
Tip 6. Bring cash!!! It speeds up the process!!

If you went/go to the show please share your haulage pics with me!! =)


  1. I'm so excited for you that you got to go! I wanted to go, but the boy and I are going on a cruise this weekend and I need to save every single penny! Maybe next year...

  2. Man you got some good stuff Tammy!! Elbow girl! Elbows! LOL!


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