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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Balls to You!!

Like my title...??? LOL It's the subject line from the emails that Yasumi and I were discussing my new jewel purchases...hehe

If you don't have your own piece from her..GET ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pieces sell VERY quickly!!! They are all one of a kind masterpieces!!! This is now fing #2 & #3 that I've purchased from her!!

Fing #2 - Fish earrings!!! This was on her page maybe a whole 60 seconds before I told her that they were mine!!!! I love them!!! Look at the placement of the balls... *snicker* Aren't they adorable..??

Fing #3 - She made these with me in mind because I had a hissy fit when a similar pair of earrings were sold out. I LOVE THEM!!

Please excuse the hair!! I washed my hair this morning, but didn't have time to dry it. =P
Here's a quickie video of me opening my new baubles!!

House of BluesJewelry - Broadcast your self LIVE

Buy your own shiny fings HERE!! Thank you so much Yasumi!!!! X's & O's for you!!!


  1. ive been trying to stay away! away! from this site! but im gonna get hooked! i love simple jewlery! those 2nd pair are so gorgeous!

  2. What pretty earrings! They look great on you. I might have to check out her jewelry. I'm such a sucker for one-of-a-kind pieces!

  3. So that's where all her earrings are going! LOL! Tammy you're too quick! Yasumi's stuff is pure art!

    And you got both the Tensha's! Sooo pretty!! Haha your Tammy-TV is soo funny & cute!! Oooh... P&J samples!!

  4. I love her pieces! Woohoo, you are quick on it! I know what you mean, I feel like I want to buy everything or at least half if I could! Those tensha bead earrings are lovely, they look great on you!

  5. Gosh those are gorgeous! I've been eyeing a necklace from Yasumi's site since you posted about yours a while ago, trying to be good for a while though - but her stuff is just so fun and unique!!

  6. i was goin to say did u cut ur hair cuz it looks sooo short! lol but im wrong...


    I love your vids! They make me smile from ear to ear!

    Next time you order - i suggest a whoppper discount!!


  8. the earrings look gorgeous on you - I was wondering who snatched them up :)


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