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Sally Beauty Club

Get the Sally Beauty Club card and get special pricing on every item in the store. On year of membership is only $5!

With your membership you'll receive:
-Member-Only Discount Pricing

-$5 Gift Certificate
With your paid membership, you'll receive a $5 gift certificate to use the following month on ANYTHING in the store! So, in essence, membership is FREE! When you join or renew in-store, your certificate prints out with your receipt! If you join or renew online, you will receive your certificate via e-mail at the beginning of the following month. See when you will receive your $5 certificate if you purchase or renew your card online.

- Personal 15% Savings Days
Treat yourself to your own day of beauty with 15% off your ENTIRE purchase.** Just spend a total of $25 (not including tax) in any month with your card and be treated to a Personal Shopping Spree the next month! Qualifying purchases are cumulative within each calendar month. See when you will receive your 15% reward certificate via e-mail.

- Online Special Features
When you create an account at, you can manage your member information, track your rewards, view your online and in-store purchase, write reviews, and more!

- Earn Free Products
Tell us what your favorite products are and why by reviewing products at EACH MONTH three Beauty Club members will be rewarded with a FREE Sally Beauty Gift Card.

- Email Deals
Each month, members receive their Beauty Club rewards, savings alerts, beauty tips, new product information and occasional free samples by e-mail. Simply add to your address book so you don't miss any special member offers!

- Two $5 "Member Loyalty" Gift Certificates
With your paid* membership renewal, you'll instantly receive a $5 gift certificate to spend the following month. Renew during the month your card expires to receive an additional BONUS $5 certificate!** It's our way of saying, "Thank you for your loyalty. Have fun shopping!" See when you will receive your $5 bonus certificate via e-mail.

- Senior and Military Membership Fee Discounts: If you purchase or renew your Beauty Club card in a Sally Beauty Supply store location, you can request a senior or military discount. For customers 55 years and older, present your ID showing your birth date and request your $2.50 membership fee discount. For military personnel, present your active military ID to waive your $5 membership fee. These discounts are only available in stores upon request and are not available online. Membership fees cannot be refunded for past card purchases and renewals.

* Only paid membership purchases and renewals qualify for instant certificates. Members whose fee is waived for any reason, including military discounts, will not receive the instant certificate. Members receiving free memberships ARE eligible for the e-mailed Bonus $5 certificate and the monthly 15% rewards.

** To receive your 15% savings rewards and your bonus $5 renewal certificate, you must have a valid e-mail address associated with your card account. To add an e-mail address to your card, register for an online account today! All reward certificates are only valid for U.S. customers. Customers in Puerto Rico, Canada, and all international locations are not eligible for Beauty Club Rewards benefits.

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Items I bought:
Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo - Regular Price: $7.29 - Price I paid with Beauty Club Card: $6.29
Beyond The Zone Stiff Head - Regular Price: $5.99 - Price I paid with Beauty Club Card: $5.49
Proclaim Glossing Polish - Regular Price: $2.79 - Price I paid with Beauty Club Card: $2.39


  1. oooh please let me kno how you go with the dry shampoo?? I have always been curious about that!

  2. its too bad we havent got such deals here

  3. Ooh, I didn't know they have dry shampoo at Sally's. I'll have to check it out, thanks :0)

  4. Thanks for sharin woman! Sounds great! But too bad Hawaii doesn't have a Sally! LOL!

  5. Thanks so much for explaining this Tammy! I've always wondered about it, but the Sally's salespeople haven't been very helpful at giving details. I exclusively use the L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture conditioner and get it at Sally's, so I think this could save me some money and it seems like I'm always stocking up!

  6. Lol, @ the $5.00!!! I'm the same way too. I first got my card when I was making a big purchase (I think either my flat iron or one of my curling irons).
    I used to work at Sally's back in the day but I quit bc I hated stocking hair brushes, lol... They come all mixed & you have to separate them & put them in the bins & after a while they all start looking alike.... My co-workers would smoke weed in the back and steal stuff via the back door and never did anything. >_<

  7. Thanks for sharing such nice info.!! I will certainly try to get the Sally Beauty club card.


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