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Retro Curls

I did this look on Saturday night. I just felt like changing things up a bit. What do you do to your hair when you want to change things up a bit..??


  1. Your hair looks great! Every time I want a change I go crazy and dye or chop my hair off. Then after I do it I start missing my long or dark hair. LOL. I just never learn.

  2. Great video, as always!

    I'm terrible with my hair, so I rarely change it up. =) You definitely inspired me though!

  3. if i want to change my hair..usually i just dye it a different color heh

  4. While I was watching the video I wanted to do the cha cha. LOL :]

    Nice tutorial, love your makeup look. It goes well with your oufit.

  5. Hiya there! I just wanted to say thankyou so much for the vote for my attempt at looking like a drag queen : ) It was so kind of you! I love your hair! I struggle with curling my hair, I am too impatient, I do a little then get sick of it lol love your blog!!!

  6. I wish my hair would curl like that!! Tammy you're too good!! When I want a change, I usually end up chopping or coloring! LOL!

  7. love the music in your video :) whenever i want to change up my hair that usually involves hair dye or sitting in a chair for a haircut =P


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