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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty

I should start wearing drag..

I think I really need to start packing on the makeup to get a good FOTD for you ladies. The past few days my makeup application has looked so light in pictures, not that I like to look like a drag queen or anything, but in person my makeup definitely looks brighter. Here's the look I'm wearing today.

MAC Prep N Prime Refined Zone
Bobbi Brown Concealer in Honey
Revlon Foundation
MAC MSF Natural in Medium/Dark
Rimmel Blush in Peach

MAC Shadestick in Butternutty all over lid and highlight.
ELF Black Eyeshadow from Drama Quad in outer corner.
ELF Silver Eyeshadow from Drama Quad in the crease.
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Rimmel Lipstick in Goddess


What beauty products are your must haves..??


  1. I have that same problem with eye makeup not showing up on camera...

  2. LOL You're too funny Tammy!! Start wearing drag! LOL! I'm sure if you did that you'd still be gorgeous! :) I like the summery looks you've been sharing with us!

    mark.! LOL! Yay for MSF Natural & Blot Powder!! I used those two everyday too! :D Burts Bees CC!! Haha we have a lot in common! LOL! Mandom! Haha!!

  3. i cant watch the video as my internet connection on holiday is crap but i will watch it when i get back to tokyo ^^

    meantime...i think u look gorgeous still!!

  4. Haha i dont kno wut beauty products i must have.. i cant think.. i prob could live witout them! now u got me thinkin... lol thanks for sharin gorgeuos!


  5. cute! i know my camera sometimes washes out mine too =/

  6. hmm...I think I'm going to have to revisit the MAC MSF natural powder again, the last time I tried it I broke out horribly, but skin was unhappy with everything back then

  7. Oooh Yup! I have the exact same problem!!! It's a pain in the butt!!! You are so stunning!!

  8. Hey,

    I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
    Hope to see you follow me soon.



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