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Dealing with Bad Boys

Yet another post not related to make up at all. =(

I need to share with you ladies a little problem I've been has to do with some of the males in my life...they've been bad...really bad..

Need proof..??
Here it is!!

So Stitch has taken to trying to use my beauty products!!!! Once I pull a product out to take pictures for reviews he decides to snatch them away!!
He's not a fan of Refined Zone..he says his yarn is too dry for this.... *sigh*

Then last night I was searching high and low for my pretty pink box to take a picture of it, and where do I find it....????
With Stitch of course...
Don't ask why he needed the O magazine....eww..

Then he has the nerve to hide when I catch him!!!!!!!!!

What am I supposed to do..??????

Guess who else was acting up last night...?? Dom!! Look what he did!!

Happy Hump Day!!! ;)


  1. lol that is an odd place! lol my friends cat does that too! idk why they like thier reflection for lol i hate mine!

  2. ha ha ha
    that was tooo tooo cute of a posting.
    I didn't know Stitch could be so naughty!!!

    *thanks to you I bought a madlibs pad for Canada =) It'll be some good times entertainment ^_^

  3. Stich the makeup stealer! LOL! Great entry! I love him in the box! LOL!

    ANd how cute is DOM!! Haha!! Tomo does weird things like that too!

  4. This post is totally adorable!!


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