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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

April's Pretty Pink Box/Blogga Lovin

Hi Ladies!!!! I still feel like I'm trying to catch up on my blog entries since I took some time off. I'm going to designate this week to product reviews. A few things to look forward to this week are the reviews for: Aveeno Shampoo & Conditioner, Biore Eye Cream (for you Wuz), & MAC Prep N Prime Refined Zone. Next week will be geared towards FOTDs (I haven't done those in a while) and some quickie makeup looks.


Last month I missed out on My Pretty Pink Box, there was NO way I was going to miss out this month!!

Everything that was inside the box! Brush guard, Glamour Doll Eyeshadow sample, Julie Hewett blush palette, Borghese intensive firming serum, EO body lotion, an eyeliner, and a fragrance sample.

**I did have a good picture of this blush palette, but I deleted it from my camera by mistake. =(


Mayaari/Diana was having a guess her birthday contest and I was one of the lucky winners. Look at all the cute goodies that came my way!!

I swear this Pez dispenser looks like my Dom..LOL
btw--I know there's no way you could have known this, but I truly LOVE Mad Libs!!!!! My hubby and I always keep a book by the bed and complete one each night before bed. It means we fall asleep laughing. =)

She even put in something extra for my b-day!!!! You can tell that I don't buy things from Sephora often for other people, because my first thought was "Sephora has baggies..??". Doh!! LOL

And this was inside!!!!!!!!!!! In her beautifully written note (seriously her handwriting is gorgeous!!) she said she didn't know what I was lemming for my b-day so she gave this to me so I can pick up what I

Thank you so much!!!!!!!! That was so incredibly sweet of you!!! I already know what I'm getting!!! I must pick up one of the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows that you and Mona keep raving about!

That's all for now ladies!!! I hope you're having a great week so far. =)


  1. Diana is the sweetest :) Happy birthday to you!

  2. I love myprettypinkbox! I got the SAME box and I am loving the brush guards, not to mention how cute the box is!

  3. Yay the Biore review!! Thank you! LOL!

    Ooh.. I can't wait for my MPPBs to come!!

    And how sweet of Diana! I have that same PickeBicke note paper! LOL! And the Chococat Pez does look like Dom!! :)

  4. I used that eyeliner today and it was fab! I liked it much better than my UD 24/7 one. I hope you find something you like at Sephora with the giftcard as well. Thanks for following my new blog, it means a lot to me : )

  5. how soo sweeet of diana!!!
    and looks like the happy bday bombings are beginninggggggg


    Stay tunedddddddddd

    p.s. I loooooooooooooooove ad-libs! im envious and what a great bed time idea!

  6. haha guess it was good that I gave the mad libs to you :) I need to stay away from benefit...I have like, 4 of those shadows now. I need an intervention, lol.

    one of these days I'm going to order those MPPBs, I always seem to be away from my desk at work when 10AM rolls around!

  7. That's so sweet of her and congrats on the win! :)

  8. i want a prettypinkbox tooo!! hehe the brush guards is good huh! did u try it out yet? i did a review on my open blog..


  9. Ooh your box looks good! I love MPPBs! Congrats on winning the contest too. :D

  10. Yay for MPPB! I just got my first one and must get one every month now! hehe. Congrats on winning the contest, I love mad libs too! :)


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