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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Should have been a snow day!

Morning Ladies!!! It's a very snowy Monday morning here and I realize I shouldn't have come in to work today, but since I'm here anyway and there isn't anything to do I decided to blog. ;)

I did record a couple of videos this weekend, but I'm not very happy with how they turned out so I don't think I will be uploading them. =(

Recent Haulage:
More HK..shame on me!! I couldn't resist though!!

Left to Right: Fresh Brewed, Sweet Strawberry, & Pink Fish.
No swatchies!! You're seen them

I also bought this lippie from the Creme Sheen collection, it's called Shy Girl. I think I'm in love!!! It's a peachy/nude color. I'll post a swatch of this soon.
I'll be posting a review on this soon! Have any of you ladies tried it??

How was your weekend...?? What did you do..?? The blog world has been quiet lately..


  1. you hello kitty lova!! lol omg! i got that mascara! its good :)

  2. fresh brew n shy girl are two of the lipsticks i wanna get, hope to see some FOTD's w/ those! i wanted to try that masacara too, love the name n the packaging, but i want to use the ones i have at home, but looking forward to ur review!!!

  3. Ooh yay more Hello Kitty. I finally bought some HK stuff this weekend, but not a lot!

    I've tried the Lash Stiletto before. It's great for lengthening!

  4. LOL! MOre HK!! It's alright though! Totally understandable! :)

    Can't wait for your review on the mascara! I was just thinking about picking one up, but I think I'll wait for your review!! :)

    HOpe the snow lets up for ya soon!!

  5. lippies!! fresh brew looks interesting!!!

    oh yeah, i saw ur entry for Mona's contest and i love the outfit u put together!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your swatch of the Creme Sheen lippie! I love peachy-pinks and need a new one for spring!

  7. Ooh I wanted to try Shy Girl! I forgot to put it in my order last week, poo. :S

    Can't wait to see your reviews. :D

  8. wow more hk! lucky! lol =)

    can't wait for your review on the mascara, i can never decide whether to get it or not.

  9. yum yum haul!

    ok wtf is going on with this weather? its suppose to get warmer, not snow!

  10. theres that damn pink fish again. i cant wait to try it!

    let me know how that mascara works!!! i saw it in an AD and was wonderin about it!!!!

    xoxoxoxo mi'amiga!


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