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My name is Tammy & I like to return things.

LOL..well based on the title of this post I'm sure you can guess that this post is about returning things. Now I don't actually LIKE returning things, but I do it anyway. It's my money!! LOL I will hold on to the receipt of an item I bought for WEEKS just to make sure I really like the item. Now I won't returning just anything, I'm pretty bad about returning clothes, but I will return anything makeup related. I've heard some really skeevy stories about people returning used underwear and stuff. Eekkk!!

FYI--If you return anything makeup related please be honest about whether or not you used it, they will still take the return!!! By telling them you used the product this will prevent them from putting the item back on the shelf. Walgreens, CVS, & Sephora have excellent return policies.

So why the heck am I writing about this..??? Well it's because I've gotten a few requests for reviews on items I've recently hauled. A few of the items I've hauled in the past 2 videos have already been returned.

Items I've returned:

Revlon Matte Eyeshadows in Peach Sorbet & Lime

Why? Well I already owned the dark navy color from this line, but I hadn't opened it before I bought the peach and lime. I decided to play with the dark navy color first and I was very disappointed with the color payoff and the finish of this product. I'm definitely more a shimmer gal. Back to CVS they went!

Biore Dual Fusion Moisturizer

Why? This product made me GREASY!!!!! It's not even warm here yet and this item had my face looking like it was 100 degrees!!! I find it really odd too, because the moisturizer itself felt VERY light. Disappointing.

Boi-ing Concealer

Why? This concealer CREASED a lot. It didn't seem to matter what I did this concealer didn't look good. I exchanged this for a Shu lash curler & I'm really loving it. Thank you ladies on Twitter for your advice on this.

I will be doing a review on the L'oreal Shampoo/Conditioner and the Biore See the Future Eye Cream, but I'm still in the testing phase with them both.

Do you return this regularly??


  1. i like returning things too but i often don't.. mostly because i wasn't sure if places take returns. plus most of my products that i don't like are beauty related.. and if i don't like them, i usually find that one or two of my girls like them. so it's gifting, lots of feel-good.. and.. no trip back to the store! not always the best policy but it's fun.

    a good concealer/highlighter that my friend rec'd to me was the one by maybelline.. haven't really tried it.. but.. you know. she raves on and on about it :) fairly cheap too! you should try it :)

  2. I'm the same way! Usually with clothes though. NOT UNDIES actuall clothes. I hold on to the reciept and leave the tags on. I don't wear it out, but if I try it on again here and there, & it still hasn't been worn out... Back it goes!

    I used to use the Boi-ing in HS, and it didn't work for me either... so sad..

  3. I have a thing with exchanging clothe or shoes. for some reason they always come back and don't fit right no more

  4. i've returned a few things (makeup related) before. but only because I absolutely didn't like it or thought i spent too much on it (not using it of course).

    but for sure, if i'm not happy with a product i will return it. you're right, it's our money.

  5. I am a total serial returner with clothes and accessories!! Like you said, I hang on to receipts for weeks. I guess I just want to make sure I'm really satisified and getting my money's worth. I'm always nervous about returning beauty products though, thanks for reminding me that those stores have good return policies!

  6. I'm terrible about returning clothes...but I don't have any problem returning cosmetics/skincare items that don't work for me. I'm glad Sephora has such a nice return policy - actually returned some items that broke me out last weekend, but I made up for it by purchasing other items, haha.

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  9. I do take stuff back or sell it on Ebay! Clutter drives me bonkers!

  10. I return things if I'm unhappy with them, and you're right it's usually makeup. Sometimes it takes a few times of trying it out for me to know if I like it or if I should get something better.

    Generally I don't like returning things, 'cause it feels like a I end up spending a loooooong time thinking about whether or not I want to buy something, before and at the store! haha I tell myself it'd be great to just be rich so I wouldn't have to think so much about it.

    I didn't watch So You Think You Can Dance...I think I'll look on YouTube. I love ABDC though, have watched every episode of every season and currently have 3rd season on my Tivo/dvr. =)

    Hok and D-Trix seem really friendly. Maybe if they go to NY/East Coast you'll get to meet them too.

  11. I def return things if they don't work for me... beauty products & clothes! I always try on clothes before I buy though, so it's usually not a problem for me.

    Too bad about the Biore moisturizer. I guess I'll be crossing that off my list of moisturizers to try!

  12. I really like this post it's not something everyone really talks about but it's a great subject! I'm sooo bad at returning things I barely ever do it I always end up just giving the stuff to my bestie. I should start to keep it more in mind though.

  13. I return stuff if I don't like it. But I really have to hate the damn thing to return it. I like Sephora, because I can try out things and get samples before buying things. Then me being super cheap, I'll go buy it online using Ebates so I get money back ;)

    I guess that's not being cheap. I'm just being a smart shopper during the current recession...he he


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