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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Contest Time: Gossip Girl Inspired

This is my entry for Mona's Gossip Girl inspired contest. I picked Jenny as my inspiration, sadly I don't have many Jenny-like clothes though so I did the best with what I have. Turns out my wardrobe is definitely more Vanessa & Serena-ish.

Here's the picture I used for inspiration makeup wise:
My outfit:

The makeup:

Makeup Used:


MAC MSF in Natural

MAC MSF in Redhead


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate - used as an overall base

ELF Quad in Dramatic - the black eyeshadow packed on top of the slate

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara in Very Black


NYX lipgloss in Natural


  1. Beautiful Tammy!! I love this look for you!

    BTW I posted your lipbalms to you today! Sorry for the delay! xx

  2. Awesome job!! You look totally gorgeous! =)

  3. Ooo, love the look. You look very beauitful!

  4. I definitely see you as a Vanessa fashion wise :D

  5. Awesome job!! I'm totally addicted to GG. Your makeup is fab - very Jenny, but also very beautiful!

  6. thats is a very cool look and ur outfit is amazing I love it all!!

  7. you look greatttt! how i love that hat on you ;D

    thanks for doing this!

  8. This was a great look on you!! Wow!! So sexy yet simple at the same time!! :)

    Rock them boot girl! Looks hot on you!!

  9. Cute! Love the makeup! Isn't that funny? I mean I haven't done my entry yet but I wanted to do a certain look but my wardrobe matches another character/type too! Good luck!

  10. holy HOTness batgirl...

    u make a hot gossip girl - helloooo NURSE. the look is great on you, and i love that beanie/tam your rockin (sorry it's the crocheter in me that catches my eye..LOL)

    p.s. i am lovingggggggggggg my OPI polishes you gave me and all these darn goodies. thanks again so much girl. sooo soooo much!!!

  11. Thank you for your kind words ladies!! XOXOXO

  12. The outfit is cute!!

    Good luck. :]


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