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Aspirin Mask & Friday Smile

Lately I've been obsessed with masks, ex-Naris Mask & Bliss Oxygen Mask. These masks are great, but I still hadn't found anything, mask/cleanser/lotion, that could lighten my acne scars. I am terrified of all of the products that contain bleach, and have all these health warnings: may cause dizziness, nausea, your skin to fall out, the runs..the usual stuff you

In the past I've heard of the aspirin mask, but it sounded too old school. No I haven't tried beer in my hair, or egg whites for my face either. For some reason I came across another blogger who does this mask, and it made me want to try it. I also did my own research on the aspirin mask and read that it helps in lightening acne scars and getting rid of current acne. Once I read that I had to give this a try!!

Recipe: Most of the recipes I read for this mask suggested honey for this mask, I didn't have this at home so I just skipped it. What I did was put 3 Bayer Aspirin on a plate and 1 teaspoon of water on top. I waited 2 minutes for the aspirin to start to dissolve and then I mixed it into a paste.

Application: I washed my face and applied the aspirin mask to my face while it was still moist, and waited 15 minutes for the mask to dry.

Results: I rinsed off the mask and holy crap!! My acne scars had lightened by at least 2 shades!!! This is definitely something I will be added to my skin care routine.

Be warned: Using this mask will make your face very sensitive to the sun. Please use an SPF 30 or above.

Have you tried the aspirin mask..??

I couldn't leave this post its Friday and I wanted to make you my new nephew..!!

Isn't he a cutie...??? His name is Lou..guess why..LOL

Happy Friday Ladies!!


  1. omg lou! too cute <3333 i want one like that!! what kind of dog is it? hmm ive seen alot on asprin masks and ggggiiirrrrllll if you find something for scars tell me! my dad (lol) gave me this cream called "concha naca" or something from mexico (which is sold here in tx) and its for scars but like visiible ones, i have one on my leg that i want to go away soo ima try it on my face lol

  2. how cute! lol he looks like he should be a precious moments puppy! lol aww make me miss my dogs puppy breathe! lol

  3. Damn...right away it worked like that for you babe? That's pretty remarkable! Aww...Lou is a little yorkie baby! I obviously have a soft spot for them...give him kisses for me!

  4. Wow I've always wanted to try the aspirin mask, thanks for the review!

  5. Yes I've used the aspirin-honey mask religiously in the past! I don't know why I stopped. I should use it again! I loved it & it made my skin softer & smoother. And it doesn't break the bank!

    Cute puppy!!

  6. awww lou is adorable!! =)

    I've been wanting to try the aspirin mask for awhile now especially lately since my skin has been going crazy.

    Sorry I'm so late responing but Thank you SO much for the advice about school, it helped a lot! I think I've finally made my decision but still weighting a few of my options though just in case.


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