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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

There are starving children!!

As we all do..just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been hauling. So far the new year has been crap-tastic!! Yay!! I've been trying hard to stay in a positive mindset, but it's been difficult. I am letting myself wallow a little bit in it, because eventually I smack myself around and remind myself of the starving children or something seriously depressing like that and it helps me remember that things aren't that bad!! haha!!

On to the good stuff...just a few days ago I went to Mitsuwa again. Soon enough I will be on a first name basis with the people that work there...hmm..maybe I should get a p/t there..think there's an employee discount..I mean they are hiring..hmm..something to think about!!

Left to Right: Naris eggpeel blackhead remover, eyebrow scissors, Lucido L Curling Lotion, Lucido L Volume.

So far I've tried everything, but the curl lotion. So far I'm really loving the L Volume!! Love it!! If you're not careful though it can leave your hair looking like this though.

I don't think I'm using the blackhead remover or the eyebrow scissors properly so I won't say anything about them till I get a good chance to play with them.

How has your year been so far...??


  1. Hooray for your haul!!!

    I love my eyebrow scissors, I just got those last week. and I love love love my Lucido L curling lotion, the smell alone is INTOXICATING!

    YAY for Tammy - a gal that hauls after my own heart <3

  2. i'm really sorry about your crappy day/week. sometimes when i beat myself up about how "terrible" my life is, i stop and think of people that have it worse. it kinda makes me feel stupid for even feeling bad in the first place. you SHOULD get a p/t job there! that would be awesome! hehe. can you imagine all the goodies you'd get to try out? my ex sis-in-law worked at lancome and they always gave her free makeup to try out. then every month they would get so much money to spend on makeup there! she always gave me free makeup! it was awesome. hehe. now she works for sephora.

  3. I wish there was a good japanese store here, I always see haul's and think I want that stuff! Our's here sux! I can't say I totally know how you feel about the year being sucky so far but mine hasn't been all that great either. I'm a thinker who goes way into things and then I start to beat myself up about all the things that happend or should happen but I just have to stop and bring myself out of it and try and think good thoughts, it all gets better eventually.

  4. Tammy, MiuMiu recently posted up a Japanese magazine scan of the Toofaced palette I got you! Lol

    See it?

  5. Ohhh so that's what you got at Mitsuwa, hehe, yay! I can testify for the Lucido-L curling lotion, it's THE SHIT! =P

    I haven't used that NARIS UP nose peel, hope it works better for you.

    Also hope your new year gets better soon!! =)

  6. Tammy, we must share more than a name, lol! My year is not much better so far, and I have been hauling too!!!
    Man, I wish we had a Japanese store here, I so want all the Lucido-L stuff!!!!

  7. Ohhh.. Mitsuwa Haulage!! WHy do you taunt me soo!?!!

    PT jobbie there would be great!! Discounts mmmm.....

    And hey no negativity today!! LOVE YOU!!

  8. Awight gorgeous?!

    You have the coal/egg pore peeeeely thingy tooo!! I can't wait to try mine out.

    I hope that 2009 picks up for you and turns into one amazing year.

    I am heading to Cape Town soon the things that I see there usually bitch slap me back to reality...but then there is a swarm of enablers on blogger!!! Sheeeeesh : )

  9. Dimelo yo?!

    LMFAO! That MARY PIC. is fkn classic!

    I've been wantin to try the Lucido line but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe its cuz i dont do my hair too much these days?!

    Things will get better ma, you're on the right track of thinkin' of how it can be worse.

    And if u get a part time job there..... PSHHHHHHHHHHHT! HOLLA! lol


  10. sweet haul - I need to get my butt to Mitsuwa somehow, now that I'm a liiiiiittle bit closer :)


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