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Mac Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Haul/Look

This is the first MAC collection that I was truly crazy about everything that's in the collection. This could have a lot to do with the fact that I don't own a lot of MAC products so the goodies in this collection didn't remind me of products I already own. I know this is a big complaint with many MAC-A-Holics.

This is what I bought from this collection: Left to Right: Henna Eyeshadow, Brunette MSF, All's Fair Lipstick, and the 165 highlighting brush.
Swatches-Left to Right: All's Fair lipstick, Henna Eyeshadow, & Brunette MSF from lightest to darkest shades.

I really love everything I bought from this collection!!
Quickie Review:
-The All's Fair has a bit of glitter which I am not always crazy about, but it works in this lipstick. Looking at the swatch it doesn't seem like it's a color that's too bright, but for me this is a bit much for every day wear especially since it's a bit purple, it's great for night time though!
-The Henna eyeshadow is love!!!! I really wasn't going to buy this, but the hubby insisted I buy it because he loved the hints of green in it, to be honest that's the same reason why I didn't want it!! lol..but since he rarely suggests things to me that I should buy, I decided to give it a shot. LOVE IT!!! The green is barely noticeable on my complexion and really all that you can see is this pretty gold shimmer on my eyelids.
-The Brunette MSF is love too!!! It makes me look like I've been at the beach for a few days, not that tan is starting to fade color, but the I'm the perfect golden brown that Brazilians are..haha!!! I was really interested in the Redhead MSF too, but from some of the reviews I read it's really similar to Petticoat and I already own that. IMO they are wrong, the Blonde MSF is like Petticoat, and the Redhead is completely different. The Redhead MSF is more peachy. I plan on going back for this color. Tammy M. they were wrong!! We need this
-The 165 brush is really soft and great for highlighting, it works really well with my Brunette MSF, but not too well with my Petticoat. This brush is a bit firm, and I think I may try using it to apply foundation, if do I'll let you know how it goes. =)
Here's a quick look I did with what I bought from this collection, be nice I don't have anything on but what I bought from the collection--no foundation, concealer, mascara..

Have you bought anything from this collection..?? If so, what did you buy? If not, why not??


  1. the look is gorgeous. very soft and subtle! i am gonna skip this collection because i think i have similar stuff =) i am waiting for hk so i can buy my sis the brush set and maybe myself the dazzleglass. hehe.

  2. pretty..I need to get me some mac stuff..I love their lippies

  3. oooohhh go you! it's such a nice collection and it looks like the colors compliment you well!!!

    i haven't decided if i want to go with some of this collection or the HK one.... *sigh*

  4. That's a pretty look!! The henna e/s is great on you!!

    I was tryin (operative word) to get a look at this collection when the bf & I went to the Mall the other day, but fat asses were blockin & hoggin the display, & bf was gettin antsy, so I didn't get to swatch and see in person.

    Prob for the best... Waiting on HK!! But that MSF looks real nice!! ;)

  5. Great look! <33 I got a few things..I'm going tomorrow hopefully to get the #226!! <33

  6. You look gorgeous! The colors are very subtle, but I like more on the natural side... hehe~

  7. I really like this look too!! I have never been a MAC fan but you make it look tres bon!!

  8. so pretty!! i want that e.s too!!! i want all the brushes and MSFS tho :( lol

  9. Ooooh, don't tell me that Tammy! I leave on my cruise in less than a week and then HK! I did have my eye on the Brunette and Redhead MSF...but I think one of them (Brunette) is like So maybe just the Redhead???
    Too much MAC, too little money!!!


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