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Bobbi Brown Tips

As promised I will be sharing tips with you from the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual that I own. I have finished reading the book, but I am now going back and reviewing the things I didn't know and sharing those things with you.
This picture says:
Brush Size
The brushes that come with most makeup compacts are too small and narrow for proper blush application. Toss them and use a brush designed specifically for that purpose.
Natural Bristles
Natural bristles (such as squirrel, goat, pony, or sable) are very soft and offer a more blended, natural application. They're best for working with powder-based products-blush, powder, and eye shadows.
Synthetic Bristles
Synthetic bristles are the best choice for brushes that will be used with creamy products, such as concealer, gel liners, and lip colors. They are generally stiffer than natural hair, so they give you greater control and a more precise application.
I included this tip because I found it to be really helpful. I've just started paying attention to the brushes that I'm using and I honestly didn't know that you should use natural brushes for somethings and synthetic for others. I must be honest in saying that I don't think I'm comfortable with knowing that Mr. Ed's tail is helping me get a smokey eye

Bronzer Brush
This is a thicker and fuller than a blush brush and has a flat profile. It is designed for sweeping and pressing bronzer over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin to provide a natural-looking warmth to the skin.
What?!?! I had no clue there was such a thing as a bronzer brush?!?! I wonder if you really need this though..I've been using a regular blush brush and I like the results I get.

That's all for now!! What section would you like to know more about from this book?


  1. girl, i don't have a bronzer brush either. lol. i just use my blush brush i got from silk naturals. it looks like a baby mac 187 brush. you should get one if you don't have it. i love the way it applies blush. it picks up the PERFECT amount of powder and doesn't apply blush too heavily. i think it was like 6 dollars.

  2. I think I need to start paying more attention to my brushes too!! Thanks for reminding me

  3. I agree the book is the bomb! :) From what I skimmed through, I'm going to have a blast reading. The tip you gave on brushes is great. It's something I needed to know too... hehe~

    When you go to Sally's, sign up for the yearly membership. Even though you have to pay $5, you get a coupon worth $5 for the next month. It's also cheaper to use the membership. You pay the price below the original price. For example it will say...


    The $4.99 is the price without membership and the membership pays the price at the end which is $3.25. I hope I explained it well... hehe~

  4. hmmmm i dont have a bronzer brush either, but if you like the results it gives you then yay!

  5. another book to add my ever growing wishlist, thanks for posting up this excerpt from it Tammy!

  6. Yeah I bought a Bronzer brush from sephora once confusing it for a long handled Kabuki!! lOL!! Don't use bronzer so I returned it when I realized.

    Do they really use horse hair? I thought that it was always just little woodland creatures, and goats!! LOL!


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