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Why I Hate Ulta

I hate Ulta!!! Why you ask..??

Is it because of the RUDE salespeople..?

Is it because of the bonus cards they 'tote' that really don't provide any bonuses at all?

Is it because their representatives are severely under trained?

Is it because the majority of the Ulta's I've visited all carry different lines from one another?

Is it because they only really have sales on their OWN brand?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!!!! There are plenty of other reasons, but these are the reasons that come to mind as of right now.

Just the other day I had the 'pleasure' of visiting a new Ulta, and my experience was just the same as the other times.

Why do I keep going back you ask..??

How can I NOT...??? It's similar to a Sephora, but their in house brand is so much BETTER than the Sephora brand. Plus they always have a sales on their brand!! haha!!!

On my recent trip to Sephora this is what I bought:
The minute I walked out of the store I immediately regretted my purchase. I went into Ulta to buy some brushes from their in house brand, but once I saw their prices I decided I should just buy the brushes from MAC instead. Not wanting to leave empty handed I bought these goodies above. So why did I regret my purchase..? 1. I received a gift card to Sephora for X-mas, that I could have used to buy these goodies. 2. I could have received my free bonus goodie from Sephora if I would have purchased these there because this would have put me over 100 points.
lol You live. You learn!!!!
Do you hate Ulta too..???


  1. Ive never been to an ulta but i hate their site!

  2. The Ulta near me is ok...nothing like Sephora though. Yes, the "rewards" program through Ulta is a JOKE!!! I love the store brand shadow base though.

  3. I am not a big fan of Ulta. I have tried to like it, but I agree that the salespeople aren't helpful and I'd rather get my free samples from Sephora any day.

  4. Haha... you poor thing!! Why do we keep going back to places like that?!! LOL!!

    I can't share any experiences, cuz we don't have an Ulta!! LOL!!

  5. yes, i would totally pass on it. the thing is, i've always used and loved smashbox's primer. my mom fell in love with my primer and stole my smashbox. since i had ordered her the prep + prime to try out (it was her idea to order it), she let me keep that since she took my smashbox. well, it's OKAY but it's not that great. i think it'd be good for someone that has flawless skin and wants some glow. i just hate how it's shimmery. it's not tooooo noticeable but in the light, you can tell a little. it looks bad esp. if you're an oily person. if you haven't ever tried smashbox, you should. i love the silkiness of it. also, they have diff. colors for certain types of skins. w/mac, you only have that one option. oh, by the way, were you the one that just recently posted on blogger swap?

  6. hahaha! yeh i hate them too because the only one closest to me is about 40-45mins away!

  7. Aww..that would be so frustrating. I actually dont' mind the one near my home at all...they are really nice there and the selection is really good IMO. But I've heard how inconsistent different locations can be so I hear ya babe.

  8. I don't like ulta either! I guess their the same everywhere. I try not to go in because I know I'll come out pissed off but I do it anywayz! lol

  9. I feel your pain. I belong to their supposed rewards program and when it came time to send out the rewards certificates i received one for the $50.00 range. I knew I had spent more then that and even went to my online banking and did a search and it came up that I had spent over 300.00. Big difference between a free nail polish and a free perfume. So I called them and they apologized and sent me the correct certificate. I have decided to boycott there store and spend my money at Sephora.

  10. I work at ULTA as a cashier and I can list about a million things wrong with this company....

    We as salespeople never are trained. We never get any free products or samples and don't get enough hours to pay for high end products. How are we supposed to know what a product does without training or experience using a product?
    As a cashier I am so limited on what I can do. I cannot price override any transaction, discount sales tax for out of state shoppers, or even do simple returns. This all must be done through our manager.
    We never know what is expected to come in shipments. We are not allowed to hold items for anyone. Even for a few hours! We are expected to know about every damn sale going on when we haven't even been given our own ads because we cannot get the ads because we cannot be rewards members.
    ULTA Brand is SO CHEAP and OVERPRICED. The packaging alone is horrible. We practically give it away during our "sales" because its worth nothing in the first place.

  11. I really dislike Ulta, too! I'm part of their points/rewards program. I never received a birthday coupon. I went in to make a purchase during my birth month and they said you need a birthday coupon. At Sephora, you just need to shop sometime during your birth month. Ulta annoys me! I agree with the others, too, about the free bonus... Sephora always lets you choose some samples and some sort of deluxe sample!


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