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My Secret Santa and a Naughty Elf!!

While I was at work during this massive snow storm that the East Coast was having, my hubby was home and was able to tell me that I had two goodies waiting for me when I got home!! All he did let me know was that one of goodies WAS from my Secret Santa!! Woo-hoo!! So I had to wait what felt like YEARS to get home to open up them up!!
This is what I came home to:

The red envelope is from Naughty Elf L, she's been quite busy lately surprising us ladies. This is what she sent me!! How great is she?!?! btw--you need to teach me how to apply lashes!! I've never worn them before. lol

Chiara Shine was my secret santa!!! YAY!!!! I opened my gift on BlogTV and she was there to watch me!!!! I love, love, love what she sent me!!! The wrapping paper also smelled like this BEAUTIFUL perfume, that I MUST have!!! Plus she included some Hershey Kisses, white and milk chocolate..which is a little freaky because those are my FAV!!
Two Faced Glamour to Go!! I've never tried Two Faced before, but I KNOW I'm going to love it!!! I was actually drooling over a palette with almost these exact colors the other day, so glad I didn't buy it!! Look how pretty!!!! I stuck my finger in a lip gloss before I took the picture, sorry!! lol

Thank you so much ladies!!! This goodies really made my day!!! Loves ya!!

Did you already get your goodies from your Secret Santa..???


  1. awwww...i love that palette. glad you liked your secret santa gift. i'll have to post what titty got me.

  2. how soooo very cuute of that fly mama ELF and Chiara --- that was def a very fun secret santa for us gals!!!

    and can't wait to see you rockin' your new lashes!!! rawr

  3. ELF-L hits another target!! Dang girl moves fast!!

    And yay for Secret Santa!! Pretty palette and KISSES are always good!!

  4. Awww I'm glad you like it Tammy!! I'll send ya a sample of Escada Rockin' Rio for you!

    Ooh, just an interesting note, the word verification I got is "bless." HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!

  5. *evil laugh*

    it's not enough, esp. after what you got me so..... *evil laugh x2*

    but i am glad you got some gooodies!!! <3

  6. How cool!! You've had some great goodies this year! Woo hoo!! :)

  7. that palette is gorge.
    :) how ur secret santa was a gd santa to you lol


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