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My Pretty Pink Box

So I finally jumped on the Pretty Pink Box bandwagon and I'm SO glad I did!!! This is what I received in my Black Friday box.

What was in my box..??
Perfume samples of Jewel, Earth Mark, & Pure Sassy.
Glow Baby Glow hook up lipgloss in Sizzle Gresillant-full size.
Glow Baby Glow Sample lipgloss.
Dew drenched lipcolor in Rain.
Set of brushes (powder, eye liner, and eye shadow).
Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser.
For Goodness Face Lotion with spf 15.
Three in 1 convertible necklace.
* This all came in a really cute pink snowman bag that i neglected to take a picture

That list is completely out of you can see what's what. The glow baby glow lipglosses are worth the $10 as it is!! I love these!! They're like the Covergirl Amazemint Lipglosses but better!! They don't make your teeth look whiter, but they give you minty fresh breath!! Other than then the glow baby glow I haven't tried anything else that was in the box. I'm really excited to try the Mark cleanser and lotion, I've heard some really good things about them.

Have you tried any of these products..??
Are all the Pink Boxes the same..?? I think she varies what's in I right..??


  1. Yeah, I think they have some of the same things, but then some variety, too. Like, I didn't get the glow baby glow, or the necklace - I got two pretty eyeshadows, case and mascara instead.
    I love these boxes - they are like pretty grab bags. Love it!

  2. Yep, they differ every month. Who you get in your box can vary, as well as what you get. For example, last month was all about the eyes for me. This month, it's all about the cheeks (hint, hint)!

  3. OOOO... You got the necklace?!! Take a pic and show us!! Yeah everything she throws in is totally random. THat's why I usually buy 2 boxes. So I can get a little of everything!! LOL! I'm greedy like that!

  4. Just wanted to say hi and I'm sure everyone already answered your questions about the pink boxes, hehe. =)


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