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I <3 Ryan Gosling

This is yet another non beauty related post..I didn't get to relax much this weekend, so my mind isn't very beauty centered at the moment.

Just like any teener bopper, us grown ass women can develop crushes!!! One of my crushes is Ryan Gosling, yes it's because of the Notebook. So what..???? The movie was GREAT!!!!!!! I just saw this video from his band Dead Man's Bones and I love it!! It's so haunting...yes it's kinda what..haha!!!

In The Room Where You Sleep (live video version)

I need to find a way to download this song..and the other songs his band have recorded..and for good favorite clip from The Notebook...haha!!!

And one quick clip on Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams winning the best kiss award. Anyone else sad that they're no longer a couple...? lol

Thanks for reading/watching this randomness...haha!!


  1. am i the only one that's never seen the notebook? i think so. lol. i loved a walk to remember with mandy moore. such a sweet story. sad, too! i think rachael and ryan did get back together but recently separated again. i used to be in love with ryan phillipe. the guy from cruel intentions. lol.

  2. i LOVE the notebook, i have been looking for it here on base via dvd. no luck. poo.

    yea, i was sad when i found out they brokeup too. they are a cute couple!!!

  3. OMG I love Ryan Gosling too!!! I saw that video a few days ago and thought it was pretty cool. The Notebook is my fav movie ever. I LOVE that clip of them winning best kiss on MTV. I really want to see his movie Lars and the Real Girl too! Anyone else seen it?

  4. Is it bad that I used to like Ryan Gosling back when he was like 13 & on the Mickey Mouse Club?!! Man that shows my age!! LOL!! He is a hot one though!!!

  5. that was the best kiss ever..I cried alot during that movie


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