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Drugstore Snooping

I was at CVS last night and I came across a few new goodies. Sorry for the quality these are from my phone and displays were really high and I'm really tried!!

I love that Ellen is a CoverGirl now!! I love her personality..she is so lovable!!

Rimmel Sexy Curve Mascara-I dunno if I want to try this...looks interesting..but not interesting

For some reason I really don't like Neutrogena foundations, I can never find my color. I always end up looking orange!!!

Milani also had some new goodies, foundation and lippies, I couldn't take pics of those though. =(

FYI--Going to Mitsuwa AGAIN tonight..need to get some Mandom makeup remover for my and I will also be buying some for a very special winner too. That means I'm having a contest!! =)

Contest will be posted at 2pm EST, and it is open to everyone!!! It won't be a makeup contest, it will be similar to we were on a break contest though, with just a little bit more work. =)

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh wow! hey well err just in case i DONT win lol!! anychance you cud get sum stuff for me? Ill pay you back on pay pal, or send you a money order?

  2. ps ellen is a cover girl? how cute!

  3. oops! looked at the funds lol!! nvmd! :( ill look for em after xmas! lol

  4. i saw the rimmel mascara too but was iffy about it. i haven't tried it yet and am thinking about it. i'm sure it'll let me down though =(

  5. oOoO ellen!! haha i might buy the products now just cause she advertises them =)

  6. No fair goin Mitsuwa again!! LOL! If I had one I'd be there all the time too!

    THose pics came our really nice so idk what you're talkin about!

    A new RImmel mascara huh? YOu know me and my RImmels... gots to go look out for it now...

    Contest!! I probably missed it... stinkin soo far behind everyone! LOL!


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