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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Santa's Little Helpers?

Ok I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of E.L.F., I have a chap stick or two I like and an eye shadow my hubby bought me but that's it makeup wise. Now the brushes are another story!! I love their concealer, eyeshadow, and eyebrow brushes. Best of all they're only a dollar. I just bought a few more eyeshadow brushes so I don't have to keep cleaning these brushes so often..I know, I'm LAZY!! As I was looking through their site I noticed that they have a new line called studio (not $1) and it looks decent. Here's what I found interesting..

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder $3.00
Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition.Brush on the “bronze” to the hollow of the cheeks for definition and dust around the face line to create a healthy glow. Use the “blush” on the apple of the cheeks to create a subtle healthy glow.

Buy yours here.

Lip Liner and Blending Brush $3.00
Create defined and enhanced lips that are blended to perfection! The smooth gliding pencil applies color precisely and accurately with no sharpening needed. The soft taklon bristled brush aids in blending the color evenly and naturally for a beautiful bitten lip look.
Lip liner and blending brush
Use the “line” pencil to trace the shape of the lips to enhance the size. Use the “blend” brush to shade in the line for a more natural blended look. Wear alone or under lip color for a longer lasting color.
Buy yours here.

Eyebrow Kit $3.00
Create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined! The pigmented wax defines and shapes brows and the color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected. The doubled sided taklon brush has one side to help arch your brows while the other side aids in filling them in. This duo provides lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look.Use the pigmented brow gel to define and shape the brows with the angled brush for precise lines. Set the color in with the brow powder and fill in with the blending brush for a natural finished look.

Buy yours here.

I decided to buy the first two items and give E.L.F. cosmetics one more try. The reason I didn't like this line in the first place is because of the HORRIBLE smell the foundation and concealer had, and the smell lasted all day!! Ugh!! Gross!! These products claim to be unscented so I'm going to give them a chance. I'm not going with the eyebrow kit because I'm just plain lazy when it comes to my eyebrows. I get them threaded, and I pluck in between visits, but I just can't be bothered with powder or liner for them. Plus when I do it I look CRAZY!!! lol

Do you have anything from E.L.F.? If so, what do you think about it?

FYI-Enter Carolina in the coupon code box and you get 50% off of orders up to $15.


  1. The blush/bronzer compact looks eerily familiar. Haha. I haven't noticed these new products before. I might have to check them out. My mom actually likes ELF, and I first heard about it from her. She doesn't believe in spending a lot of money on makeup b/c she spends more on skin care. I don't think she needs that much makeup anyway. Thanks for the info!

  2. I like their brushes and nail polishes but didn't care much for their makeup either. This is a great find though, thank you for sharing it! I might have to give them another try as well.

  3. I hear a lot about the E.L.F. brushes, but when I go to the store they never have any in stock. Let me know how the bronzer works for you!

  4. Tracy--On the website this new studio line is supposed to give Nars much?

    Neeyuh & Wuzzy--Use the coupon code..saves you a ton of $$ as if they weren't cheap enough. =)

  5. I just ordered the Master Kit from there - to expand what I have for gigs and I picked up the translucent matifying powder. Review the treats ya get 'em!


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