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A oui bit of polish

My nail polish collection..basically OPI & Essie..the video came out to be REALLY long so I had to make it into 2 videos..sorry!!

OPI Nail Polishes
Lincoln Park After Dark
Pink of Hearts
Brand New Skates
Parlez-Vous OPI?
Tickle My France-y
Lourve Me Lourve Not
A Oui Bit of Red
You Don't Know Jaques

Essie Nail Polishes
Naked Truth
Secret Stash
Shorty Pants
Bermuda Shorts
Mini Shorts

Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Endless Night

My HG!!--Beauty Secrets Nail Matrix Cuticle Oil and Instant Nail Polish Dryer--found at Sally's Beauty Supply


  1. yummy!!! Wow! You have alot of nice nail polish, i am jealous! hehe yay! you mentioned me too lol hey, whats the name of that last polish you sais that you really like that you put over? Sorry, its just that your vids volume is always so low hehe and im at work so i cant turn it up too high hehe

  2. Sorry I still don't know how to adjust the volume on the videos... =(

    I'm not sure which nail polish you're talking about..what color was it..? OPI or Essie?

  3. the very last one i think you said you got it at sallys?

  4. The last nail polish was Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Endless Night
    and the oil I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply is Beauty Secrets Nail Matrix Cuticle Oil and Instant Nail Polish Dryer.

  5. Woo hoo I just got the bail matrix hehe I recognized the bottle from your video :)

  6. Making me crave polishes!! Even though I suck at doin my own nails!! That's a great collection you got there!! And love the vids, but like Vanessa said, low volume. That's okay though... As long as you keep um coming!


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