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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty

Almay Pure Blends

I was looking through the photo album in my phone and I came across this picture I had taken at Walmart a few weeks ago. I have yet to come across this line anywhere else. The spokeswoman is Leslie Bibb, and she is gorgeous!! I remember her from the show Popular, please tell me someone else has heard of that was back around the Dawson's Creek days. haha

From what I saw in the display this line carries eye shadows, lip gloss, blushes, and foundations. The colors are SO pretty!! So far the Almay website doesn't have any info up. I'm not very familiar with Almay, I've seen it in stores but I haven't tried many things from them. Have you?? Will you be trying this new line?


  1. I've never seen that. If you try something let us know!! I'll keep a lookout for it down here. And yes I remeber Popular, watched it even!

  2. need to let a man decide and put on a womans face, but i trust u

  3. I saw this today and thought of you! I just picked up a few other things but want to wait and read more info on these products, but from what I read on the package, it looks good! Eco friendly! I have used Almay products and currently love the bright eyes liner/highlighter duo!

  4. Wuzzy--yay!! someone remembers the I don't feel

    rhondalei--do you think you're going to try this new line..?? some of the products look really interesting..thinking of giving it a try..


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