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Don’t Embarrass Me | #beautyinfluencer #makeuptransformation

These boots are made for walking..

Last night while I was reading a magazine I came across these super cute boots...

Bamboo Asiana12 Mid-Calf Boots
Buy yours here.

What do you think?? The Hubby says they're very motorcyle-ish..I said that's what makes them sexy..haha!! guess how much they are?? $ 23.99!! Yes, you read that right!!! So I hopped on to their website today ( saw that they have a ton of other goodies-- boots, tops, and outerwear. The prices range from really cheap ($15) to not so cheap ($300), but I guarantee this site will have something you love and at an affordable price.

I'm also getting these boots.
Wild Diva Reva20 Mid-Calf Boots $26.99

Buy yours here.

Both of these boots are nothing like my usual style..guess I'm trying to change things up..

Btw--the magazine I saw these in was Seventeen magazine. Don't laugh!! I know I'm not 17 anymore. =P The fashion and makeup they have in there is awesome and so affordable, right up my alley.


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