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Bobbi Brown Questions Answered (Kinda) lol

Why am I surprised about how many questions I received to my previous post? I shouldn't be!! lol..I will answer your questions to the best of MY knowledge. I did speak to the head of the program for this, but since it's still a VERY new program I didn't get all of my questions answered.

-How long will this take to complete? A year approx, if you go continuously.

-How many credits does it take to complete the program? 18 credits.

-What classes do you have to take? The 3 classes I need to take at the Bobbi Brown studio are listed here. The classes I have to take on campus are of my choosing within the art courses, examples of the classes I can take are: stage makeup, clothing and culture, fashion and beauty, and marketing in fashion.

-Where are these classes being held? 3 of classes are held at the Bobbi Brown studio in Montclair, NJ, the other 3 classes are held on campus at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, NJ.

-Do you receive a certificate at the the end of the program? Yes, but you must pay the $150 state testing fee.

-Will you meet Bobbi Brown? I have NO idea, but I do know that she lives in Montclair, NJ where all of the classes are held.

-So when are you going to start? I would really like to start this January, but not sure if my cash flow will allow

Thank you for all of your questions!!


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