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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

Adorned with Grace

I was doing my usual blog lurking the other day and I saw that Tracy posted a blog about some mineral makeup that she received. The makeup looked interesting, but I was really interested in the brush she bought!! I knew that I NEEDED I went on to the website where she bought it from I was thrilled to see how affordable the brush was ($6.29), of course I need to try some samples of the mineral foundations too. When I first started looking at all the foundations the site has to offer I was definitely overwhelmed, so I emailed them to find out which color would be best for me and I received a response from Franchesca who was super helpful! She recommended a few colors that she thought would suit me best, and when I received my order she even included a base so that I would be able to lighten the colors if I needed to. She also has a blog - - that helps you understand their selection of colors. I haven't gotten a chance to truly test all of these colors out yet, but what I've tried I've loved.

btw--you NEED this brush!! It's the perfect blush brush!

Buy your goodies here.


  1. can u use the flat brush for anythin else? i really want it! But i see ppl use it for other stuff too right?

  2. Glad to see that you purchased the famous "skunk brush". Have you tried it yet? How do you like it? I bought the MAC 187 recently and I am in loooove! :D

  3. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about this brush..I think I'm using it


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