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I'm on a DIET!!

I'm not sure how many of know this, but I've put myself on a no buying makeup diet. So far I haven't purchased 1 cosmetic item in 14 days!!! It seems like a lifetime! This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it's huge for me. It means I can't buy a new chapstick, hair tie, lotion, eye shadow, hair spray--now is it a big deal to you??? lol

I decided to do it because I noticed last month I was buying even more makeup than usual, but barely getting around to using it. So for 1 month I decide to shop within my own makeup collection and see what looks I could come up with. For the past few days my looks have been non existent because I've been really sick and couldn't drag myself to my mirror to see what I look's bad and I know it, why upset myself..?? lol

Honestly it hasn't been that bad..yes I've suddenly had the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on MAC, which I rarely buy as it is..but I've even been able to go into CVS and Walmart and leave without buying anything remotely beautifying..

Have you been on a makeup diet?? How long did you last..??


  1. I'm on a makeup diet and not doing so well. My traincase is well overweight and is clearly obese :/

    But I'm not good when it comes to interventions, hah. I'll only encourage you to turn your one product purchase to five!

  2. Mrs. Lynne,
    I've given up on traincases because I never seem to find what I'm looking for in them, so I have 2 storage containers for all of my that sounds
    Shockingly my husband has no clue why I'm on a diet and keeps encouraging me to buy it's just a test of my see if I can last 2 more weeks!

  3. i am on a beauty probation. I have been doing great with no MAC make up purchases...nothing since neo-sci fi but i recently gave in bobbi brown and hair products...

  4. nope on a see-food diet though. thanks for the drive by folk do come back and u dont need make up with a smile like that jones

  5. ugh I'm really trying to curb my makeup spending but last night I was in Sephora buying a gift for my sister and it was torturous!!


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