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Vanity thy name is..?

So I have a really cute look on my eyes today..a purple and brown..sounds weird but the skirt I'm wearing inspired it. I would show you, but I left my camera at home and my cell phone takes awful pics--you can't even see the color! Boo!! I'll try and take a pic when I get home.

So things are pretty slow here at work right now so I'm just looking up some stuff online..right now I'm obsessed with getting a vanity. I'm really not sure why because if I spend 5 minutes in the morning doing my hair/makeup that's a lot. I know, I know how can I be a beauty junkie and not take forever getting ready..? There are a few reason..1. I work in a very small office with about 5 people so no one really sees me all day. 2. I hate to get up any earlier than I have to. 3. I do my hair at night so I don't have to bother doing much to it in the morning.
On a side note: I spend a LONG time getting ready on the weekends..even if we're just going grocery shopping..haha.

So I've come across a few vanities, but I haven't really seen any that meet my requirements-1. I must love it. 2. Cannot be huge. 3. Must be affordable. Here's a vanity I really like, but it is NOT affordable--not for me

Lilac Smart Vanity
$999.00 Buy Here

This is also cute..

Smart Beauty Station
$499.00 Buy Here

Do you have a vanity..? If so, where did you buy it?? Do you actually USE it..? lol

It's almost Friday!! Woo hoo!!


  1. goodness! that white one is sooooooooooo pretty! but damn! thats exspensive!


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