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I love Gwen Stefani!!

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love, love, love Gwen Stefani...I didn't become a fan when she became a solo artist either...I loved her from No Doubt..I was listening to the first album before anyone even knew who the band needless to say I buy what she helps create, except for her clothing line. Holy crap that stuff is expensive!! A new perfume has been released in her name and I must have them all, even though I probably won't wear them

Here are the pictures and perfume info Sephora have on their website. Aren't the bottles so cute..?? I think G is going to be my favorite scent.

Harajuku (hara•joo•koo) n. 1. A style and attitude of Japanese girls from Harajuku, Tokyo. n. 2. Anything goes: outrageous, layered, and eye-catching. Harajuku Lovers Fragrance: n. 1. A fatal attraction to cuteness.Inspired by the electric street scene of the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo, the Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection captures the lyrics and iconography from Gwen Stefani's albums. These unique fragrances, in their adorable doll-decanters, will appeal to anyone with a "fatal attraction to cuteness." Choose the girl that best fits your personality, but (trust us!) after meeting one, you'll have to have them all!

G $25 - $45 The Leader Of The PackNever one to get lost in the crowd, G leads her crew in a white, corseted top and blue miniskirt—a modern day Alice in Wonderland. Quirky, unique, and undeniably cool, G leaves a mark with delicious notes of fresh coconut, jasmine, and cotton woods.

Baby $25 - $45 Girlie and SweetOne bat of her lashes and Baby has all the boys in the palm of her hand. Pretty in pink, she steps out in a short baby doll dress and Mary Janes, alluring everyone with powdery floral notes of white rose, orange flower, and white musk. Music $25 - $45 Tough CookieCharismatic Music has no qualms telling it like it is. Stylin' in a smocked sailor outfit and black lace-up boxing boots, Music grooves to the soundtrack of her life. She makes her entrance with the sparkling, yummy scents of pear, sweat pea, and sleek wood.
Lil' Angel $25 - $45 Sassy, Sexy, CoolLil' Angel always has your back. In-keeping with her angelic, protective nature, this gorgeous guardian sports a classy yet sexy schoolgirl outfit, and leaves her mark with a spicy, sweet citrus floral with notes of pineapple, candied violet, and lollipop accord

Love $25 - $45 Sweet StuffCaring and free-spirited, Love is always off in her own little world. Stepping out in a striped mini-dress and street-chic red kicks, Love wears her heart on her sleeve. Her scent is an unforgettable bouquet of pink pomelo, rose, and creamy vanilla orchid.

Which one best suits your personality..??


  1. gwen steffani is GORGEOUS. in her video 4 in the morning (or sumthin like that), she looked absolutely stunning.

    curious: do my eyes deceive me or did gwen get implants?

  2. Vanessa,
    I just have the black liner, but I LOVE it!! I'm waiting for another BOGO sale so I can get the brown and the navy too. Do you have any?

  3. (g)ezebel,
    I loved her in that video. I'm not sure that she got implants..I think it may just been the pregnancies..


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