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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty


So I went to Target tonight to roam and I came across a few goodies. My favorite is definitely the makeup blending sponge, but we'll get to that in a few. =)
Pics below.

From left to right: L'oreal True Match Makeup in Sun Beige $8.99, Rimmel Nail Polish in Cafe Au Lait $2.89, N.Y.C. Lipstick in Sugarplum $1.50, N.Y.C. Lipstick in English Rose $1.50, and a Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $9.99.

Lipstick swatches: I love the Sugarplum color, but the English Rose just doesn't look right on me--too pink for my complexion. If someone wants this color just email me and I will gladly send it to you..I only swatched it twice and I used an applicator.

Now on to my favorite thing I bought...isn't is cute..?

Out of box, it's so tiny and super squishy (is that a word?).

So I decided to test this sponge with the new L'oreal makeup I bought. I used to love my L'oreal concealer from this line so I figured this foundation would be great. I wonder why I stopped using that concealer..probably because I wanted to try something new thinking it would be!! I have to replace that concealer. On to the review..hehe. Let me begin by saying that this sponge is really, really soft. So I put a little of the L'oreal on the sponge and began to apply to my forehead and cheeks and I noticed that this sponge does not absorb makeup like most sponges do, the makeup stays on the surfaces so you have to use less product. For my chin and the sides of my nose I used the tip and I loved how quickly the color actually applied to my face. My skin has this super amazing glow, almost like I used mineral makeup, but I didn't. Now I have to be honest I'm not sure if it was the sponge that I used or the L'oreal makeup, but my skin looks awesome for only showing 45 seconds of attention to it, that's right it only took me 45 seconds to put this on. I'm not saying it's perfect, because I know I was being a little sloppy but if these are the results when I'm not really trying I can't imagine what they will be when I do try.

Cons: None

Overall: I would definitely buy this product again.

5 out of 5

Don't I look'm tired and I just wanted to take a quick pic so you could see the results. I'm lipstick I have on is the N.Y.C. in Sugarplum. All I have on in this pic are the L'oreal foundation and the N.Y.C. lipstick. Awesome right..? Does anyone know how I should wash this sponge.?

So glad today is Friday! Any exciting weekend plans..? A few of us are going to do some karaoke tonight..big fun. =)

Have a great weekend.


  1. hey girly girl, yea i read your min review when you posted it...have you cleaned it yet? lol i wanna know if im the only one this happend to?


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