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Contest: Eye Candy Collage

I was just on Incandescent's page and I saw that she has this current contest and I decided to enter.

So here are my Top 5 Hot Guys:

Ryan Reynolds

Have you seen him in Blade 3..? Yummy!!

Ryan Gosling

Yes a major reason I like him is because of The Notebook-I don't care!! HOT!!

Robert Buckley

He's from Lipstick Jungle. Uhm..he rarely wears a shirt on the show.. =)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

I have no words for this man besides HOT!!!!!!!!!!! *drools*

My Hubby

I've been drooling over him since the day we met. Awww...

Honorable Mentions:

Tom Brady

Taye Diggs

Chad Michael Murray

Brad Pitt

Jason Stathom

David Beckham

Yes this contest/post were a cheap excuse to look at pictures of HOT guys..who cares!! I loved it!!! lol..Do you agree with my list..? Who's on your list..?


  1. *drools at men pics*

    ryc = Returning Your Comment. :0)

    same email. girl, i got too many email addresses!!

  2. doh. sorry!!! i got my T's mixed up. :0/


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