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Dress Rehearsal Ready | #getupanddance #letsdance


I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been pretty busy with work and to be honest this summer I have been really lazy on the beauty side of things..I've been using some concealer, mascara, n lip gloss and I'm out the door. I'm sure things will pick back up when things go back to normal--the hubby and I have another trip coming up soon. Speaking of that I haven't traveled on a plane since all of the restrictions went into place--you ladies have any tips for me? I'm already starting to break out in hives thinking about having to leave something behind. grrr..

Random Rant--Have you ever quickly done your makeup in the morning and then looked at yourself later only to realize that you look crazy..?? That happened to me this morning..I used just a little foundation to even out my cheeks and I realized that the color foundation I used was for when I have a tan (which I currently do not), it looked like I had 2 dirt marks on my a way to start the day!!

I hope your day is going better!


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