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New Favorite Lippie!!

So while I was at Walgreens the other day I saw the purple unicorn that I had been looking for. I had heard that NIVEA made lip glosses, but I had yet to find one..well I finally did!! I would have bought them all, but there was no price tag so I only bought 1. Trust me trying to decide on just one was super hard..people probably thought I was crazy, I kept picking one up and putting another In the end I decided on the A Kiss of Shine Pink Glossy Lip Care and it was only $3.00!! I should have bought them all at that price!! If only I would have asked. I will be back for the rest soon though. I love this lip gloss, it smells really sweet but not sickening and it leaves a pretty pink color on your lips even after the gloss has gone away. Even though this gloss lasts as long as all other lip glosses the pretty pink tint and the moisture left behind are well worth the $3.00.

From the NIVEA website

NIVEA A Kiss of Shine Pink Glossy Lip Care:
• Gives lips brilliant, glossy shine, in a subtle pink tint

• No sticky residue

• Provides Long-lasting moisturization

• Contains natural ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E

The result is soft, smooth lips with an irresistible pink glossy shine.
NIVEA Glossy Lip Care is specially formulated to provide long-lasting moisturization for the most delicate skin – your lips, while delivering a brilliant, glossy shine with no sticky residue.

Effective Care for Beautiful Lips

NIVEA Lip Care – Kiss and Be Kissed


  1. that nivea lip gloss looks interesting. for some reason, my lips have felt all dry. i've been using rosebud salve, but my lips still feel dry. i should try the nivea stuff.

    *giggles at pic with statue*

    ryc: girl, it's been tough trying to recreate my old blogroll, so i'm glad that you've found me. :0)

  2. I love rosebud salve, but it's not always as moisturizing as I would like/need it to be. My favorites for chapped lips are carmex and blistex.

    what does ryc mean??


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