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My Confession

So I don't have a butt like Jennifer Lopez or a waist like Jennifer Aniston..nor am I as tall as Tyra finding jeans is super hard for me. I'm sure it's hard for many of you too. If you haven't already figured out I can be quite cheap when it comes to certain things and clothing is no spend a lot of money on clothes kills me when I live in an area that has $10 spots that sell awesome clothes..needless to say that these clothes may not be of the best quality, but they're cheap and they fit ok. Now the hubby on the other hand loves name brands so I'm usually dragged into a store for him to buy clothing at a price that I would never pay for my own (haha)..In one of our recent adventures we went into American Eagle--I know not crazy expensive, but I'm cheap (or frugal--hehe). As I was waiting for him to look through the guys section I decided to stroll over into the woman's section and I come across the perfect ripped jeans..perfect for a warm summers night with a tank and flip flops..I decided to try on a pair even though I thought there was no way that a store like this would be able to cater to my need (reminder--not a huge butt, but I have some hips). Well to my shock the pair I tried on was a perfect fit..I didn't even need to get them tailored because their short was actually the perfect length for me (I'm 5'3 btw). Ever since that day I have become obsessed with their jeans and I constantly visit their website for updates. So far I have 2 pairs and at $49.50 each I would have been able to buy at least 5 pairs at some of the stores I shop in, but the new me could care less because A&E jeans are the perfect length, fit, and they make me look like I could be related to one of the Jennifers..

The pairs I have so far are :
AE Real Flare
Light Destroy Wash
Style: 1435-7256 100% Cotton

and AE First Edition Sailor Wide Leg Jean
Soft Blue Wash
Style: 0431-7352 100% Cotton

Where do you buy your jeans?


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