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Dress Rehearsal Ready | #getupanddance #letsdance

Wear SPF!!

This Saturday the hubby and I decided to go to an open fair/concert. A local radio station (Z100) was having a concert on Saturday night and in the afternoon they had games and musicians playing. The hubby won 3 concert tickets by playing games and we gave the tickets to my niece--Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are her In the process of playing all these games though we were out in the sun for A LONG time and completely unprepared..shame on us!! We both have burns--hubby much more so than I. In the craziness of the games and music there were also booths that were giving out products and Clean and Clear was there, there was no way I wasn't going home without some samples!! They gave away full size bottles!!! The two items I got were:

I had already bought the in shower facial (and received a sample of the day lotion) a few weeks early and loved it. I had been hearing some good buzz about these products, and if I hadn't gotten them for free I probably would have bought them the next day. After being so tired from Sat I completely forget to try my products out as soon as I got home, so they sat neglected till Sunday night. My face was completely broken out and blotchy from all of the sun exposure. Once I was done washing my face I immediately felt a difference, my skin was softer and the slight burn I was feeling from my sun burn had gone away. This morning I woke up and my skin is amazingly even in tone, and my pimples are almost gone!! These products may be holy grail status!!


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