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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty

Finally Friday!!

Sorry for slacking a bit. I've been feeling really tired lately and my face is starting to break out so I don't really want to take any pictures lately. A few days ago I went to CVS and bought a few things, I didn't take any pics though-been lazy =(

N.Y.C. Smooth Mineral Loose Foundation Powder with SPF 12 in Natural Medium
I have a love/hate relationship with mineral foundations..I will try a brand and I may really love it at first..the coverage is perfect and the color match couldn't get any better and then suddenly I break out!! Ouch!! Or I completely hate the makes me look oily, I can't find the right color, and the powder cakes in certain areas. This foundation is currently in the middle of this spectrum--the color is PERFECT..but my face is looking oily after only a few hours and I THINK it may be making me break out (I am a little stressed though so it's hard to tell). I'm going to try this for a little bit longer and see how it goes.

N.Y.C. Lash Precise Defining Mascara in Blackest Black
I haven't been as satisfied with my Covergirl Lash Blast lately so I decided to go out and try something new..and since N.Y.C. was buy 1 get 1 50% off I decided to try this..the wand is very similar to the Lash Exact Brush from Covergirl, which lets u get even the tiniest lashes in the corner. I haven't been using this long enough to see how it really holds up..but for now it's definately like at first try. =)

I also bought these too, but I haven't tried them yet. Have you tried these yet?? If so, do you have any feedback?


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