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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty

Smellin Pretty

So I'm bored at work and decided to look up some info on a few perfumes that I currently want. I'm not really a person who's into a lot of scents because most scents just make me sneeze or I forget that I own a perfume and stop using it after a week. Since I am so fickle about perfumes I tend to buy the smallest size of the perfume I want (no matter how I much I like it) because I know I will NEVER finish the bottle. In my hunt I came across a website and they sell samples of some of the most popular perfumes out there. I'm sure a few of you already have your own websites that you go to for this or you just go to Sephora for your samples, but just in case you're like me and you know which perfume you want and you just want a small sample of it go to this website. I've already ordered a few perfume samples.


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