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Don’t Embarrass Me | #beautyinfluencer #makeuptransformation

Make me over!!

So I've been thinking about trying to do something different to my hair..I was looking at some old pictures and I've noticed a trend..I seem to have had medium length hair for a long time. I'm thinking about growing it out and just coloring it a completely different color so it feels like I have a whole new look, without having to cut it and having it look like all of my previous hair cuts. In the meantime I went to and uploaded a picture and gave
myself a "makeover". I decided to post only the "normal pics for now..haha!! Bare with me because I couldn't really get the hang of how to add blush or do anything besides add the hair and adjust the the actual pic of me isn't that great.. =/

This is about the length my hair is now..I feel like I look kind of old with these what do you ladies think of the colors..?


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