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9 Things I'm Glad I Know

9 Things I'm Glad I Know

1. The love that comes from my family and friends.

2. How to change a tire. It has come in handy many times!

3. How to quiet a cranky 5 & 10 year old while in the car.

4. Just the right thing to say when my husband is upset.

5. The sound of the waves, the sun on your back, and the beauty that is the beach.

6. How to shave my legs super fast without cutting myself.

7. The words to all No Doubt & Gwen Stefani songs..they make my day!

8. Time does have the ability to heal some wounds.

9. A good laugh can make a bad day become a great day.

And since the hubby is jealous that Dom has a pic on my page and he doesn' camera whoring while on a whale watching trip in Cape Cod..


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